Would You Try Beer Yoga?

If you needed some fitspiration for 2017, this might just do the trick: beer yoga.

I hear they call down dog “bottom’s up.

” That’s a joke — but Beer Yoga is anything but.

After growing popular in Berlin — for obvious reasons — it’s now reportedly spread to Australia, and I’m willing to bet, before we know it, everyone will be hopping on the hoppy fitness trend.

But why combine the two in the first place? According to the website, “Both are centuries-old therapies for body, mind and soul.

The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other.

” And while the thought of it may seem funny at first, its founder Jhula, writes, “It’s no joke.

We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.

” That may be the first time I’ve heard “beer-drinking” and “consciousness” in the same sentence.

So, would you try it? Let us know.