President Duterte Attends Wedding of Aide-De-Camp as Principal Sponsor

President Rodrigo Duterte served as one of the primary sponsors during the wedding of his aide-de-camp Senior Insp. Romea Alnieza Kinang and another police officer, Police Senior Insp. Arvin Hosmillo over the weekend.

According to multiple sources, Hosmillo and Kinang tied the knot in a solemn Muslim wedding on Sunday, February 12. The celebration was held at the Astoria Regency Convention Center in Zamboanga City.

Hosmillo’s proposal to Kinang made headlines last year when he asked for her hand in front of President Duterte. Right after Duterte finished his speech at a police camp in Butuan City, Hosmillo asked the President to give him three minutes to propose to his girlfriend.

Onlookers, including the Chief Executive himself, cheered on the couple as the cop professed his love for Duterte’s aide-de-camp, Inquirer reported. Sharing their love story before the President and fellow policemen, Hosmillo admitted he had a lot of shortcomings as a boyfriend.

“I realized na for the past five years and 10 months na we’ve been together, narealize ko na marami akong pagkukulang as your boyfriend,” Hosmillo told Kinang during his impromptu proposal in October.

“But don’t you worry, pakasalan mo lang ako, I still have forever para bumawi as your husband,” the policeman reportedly said as he handed the flower and engagement ring to his fiancee.

According to reports, Hosmillo and Kinang have been together for more than five years before exchanging vows this year. The two were supposed to get married last October but broke up after a fight.

Like every caring godfather, the president advised the happy couple to put faith at the center of their marriage.

“When you anchor your union in your faith, there is nothing that the two of you cannot overcome,” President Rodrigo Duterte told the newly-wed.