Microsoft Surface Studio Review: My Top 5 Favorite Features

– This thing's actually really cool.

Hey everybody, it's Roberto, and today I'm gonna geek out with you a little bit over my top five favorite features of the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

Now some of you guys already know, I actually was hands-onwith this at Adobe MAX.

I actually got to play with it for a few days on and off, both before and after I shotmy hands-on review video.

This thing's actually really cool.

I think it's an innovative piece of tech for a niche market.

I think it's really for the pro market, and there's a lot you can do with this.

If you happen to be a digitalartist or illustrator, it's very obvious whatyou can do with this, but if you actually are a video editor, and many of you watching this are, I think a lot of you haven't thought about how you can use this inan advanced workflow.

If you're like me and youuse Adobe Premiere Pro, there are great opportunities to do really simple and quick masking that could really just let youadd some interesting things to what you're doing in Premiere Pro without even having toget into After Effects.

If you're an After Effects user, then rotoscoping is somethingyou can take to a new level, and if you're interestedin Adobe Character Animate, then there's a lot of opportunities there.

But for those who usethings like Maya and Poser and 3D and animation software, the implications of something like the Microsoft SurfaceStudio are limitless.

So it's a reason that Ireally dig this product, and why I wanna share with you guys my top five favorite features for it.

So number one: I love the zero gravity hinge.

Being able to lay thisdown, not completely flat, but up to 20 degrees, is really great.

And then you can just tilt it back up and use it as a typical display.

This is something that you don't get with things like theWacom Mobile Studio Pro.

That is a product that I know a lot of you are interested in, and you wanna know my thoughts comparing these two, and the thing is, I really just feel likethey're different products.

I feel like the MicrosoftSurface Studio is a full-on solution that you can use for a lot of different things, whereas the Wacom Mobile Pro Studio, I really feel like it's much more specialized toward digital artists only, whereas I think there are more users that could take advantageof the Surface Studio.

So that's kind of my thought on it.

The zero gravity hinge, and just being able to go back and forth and have the kind ofexperience that you want, being able to lay it down, being able to tilt it up, I just think that it's really convenient, and that the way theyhandled it was smart.

With that in mind, let's move on to my second favorite feature: the palm rejection and arm rejection.

Being able to rest my armsand my hands on the screen and not have it affect the input is actually really important to me.

It reminds me of drawingat a drafting table, doing traditional drawing.

I could work the waythat I really wanted to.

Now, granted, you didn't see a lot of that in the video because so much of my gear, stuff that you guys couldn'teven see that was in frame, was taking up a lot of space.

I just didn't wanna be rude to people, to kind of make myself more comfortable and to move things around, so that's why in some of the footage you're seeing me draw at awkward angles and things like that.

It's just cause I hadto worry about a lot.

I had to worry about fillingthe frame of the camera, being at a certain angle, making things visible for you guys.

And then not being toorude while I take up space.

My third favorite feature on this definitely has to be the display.

They are using an IPS display, and it's really important, considering all the differentangles that you have, as far as viewing angles for this, that they do that, and that's something thatworked out really well.

The graphics on thisdisplay are also amazing.

They are using the previousgeneration of NVIDIA graphics, but the thing is, thatdoesn't bother me too much.

The previous generation of NVIDIA graphics are actually really powerful.

And so, it doesn't botherme that they're not using the current PascalArchitecture graphics cards.

I mean, for the iMacs, Apple's not using the current generation graphicscards available anyway.

The display and graphics are beautiful, everything is sharp, vivid colors, and it is actually ableto handle 3D textures with pretty good detail.

I don't necessarily thinkthis is a gaming machine, but I think if you wantedto do something basic, you wouldn't be disappointed with it.

Number four: let's talk aboutthe Microsoft Surface Pen and the Surface Dial.

Drawing on this actually was a lot of fun.

It's great, I could definitely see this working out really wellfor graphic design, photo retouching, 3D modeling, digital painting, digital art in general.

It is really made for that.

The Microsoft Surface Dial adds some new interesting implications.

Now, a couple of things.

I really love that the SurfacePen actually flips over and you can use it as an eraser.

That's really intuitive,considering it's called a Pen.

The Apple Pencil, whichis called a Pencil, from a company that spouts innovation and being intuitive, really didn't cover the mark there.

Yes, you do have a Lightningcharger on the back of it, but come on, I just really feel like they could have done better there.

But come on, I just really feel like they could have done better there.

So, I really like what they do with the Microsoft SurfacePen, by comparison.

As for the Surface Dial,a lot of you commented in my previous video that the Surface Dial was sliding off the screen.

That was partly my mistake, I got a little bit ofresidue on it from my hands, from the drink, after Stevewas showing me the demo, but in general, if you get dust or residue either on the screenor on the Surface Dial, it will slide off of there.

The beauty of it is that it's not really something that has to be on the screen, even though that's really cool.

You can go ahead and put it on the screen, make your adjustment, take it off, and you can actuallyuse it off the screen, and it still works and interacts with it, much the same way.

So, that's not reallya dealbreaker for me.

I think that's somethingthat they could improve upon, but for the way mostpeople are gonna use it, not gonna be a huge deal.

I also think that as more programs adapt for the Microsoft Surface ecosystem, that we'll see a lot more cool features come out of the Surface Dial.

When you're using it with theMicrosoft Creative programs, you actually get even more features than you do with applicationslike Adobe right now.

But, I think that willchange in the future.

I also think, for those ofyou who have brought up that the tilting and otherthings like that on the Pen are not up to the abilities of the Wacom but are still really good, I think that that's somethingthat can be improved with a firmware update over time, without you having to go and replace that or buy a new version of the hardware.

So I think that's somethingthat they can actually handle, and I'm looking forward to that, but, like I said, I think that maybe theWacom Mobile Studio Pro is a more specializedprogram for digital artists.

I think for most peoplethat this will be okay.

Finally, let's talk aboutmy fifth favorite thing about this, which are theports and compatibility.

The new Macbook Pro 2016is getting a lot of flak, especially from me, because it went tonothing but USB-C ports.

I feel like a compromise would have been a half and half solution.

Well, the MicrosoftSurface Studio actually has four USB 3.

0 ports, and italso has an SD card slot.

So, we have the thingsthat as professionals we want, to be able to loadup our photos and videos and use the accessoriesthat we already have.

And I think this is important.

I always believe there's a way to deal with the wayprofessionals are working today while still preparing them for tomorrow, and I think that the Surface Studio has done a great job of that.

So, those are my topfive favorite features of the Microsoft Surface Studio, but I'd love to hearyour thoughts on this.

How do you feel about theMicrosoft Surface Studio? Who do you really feellike this product is for? And it's something thatyou are excited about and that you wanna seemore of in the future? Anyway, like this video if you like it, don't forget to subscribe.

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As always, you guys,thanks so much for watching and geeking out with me over the new Microsoft Surface Studio, and my five favorite features.

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