Malacañang: Nobody Is Silencing VP Robredo

NOBODY is attempting to silence Vice President Leni Robredo, Malacañang claimed on Sunday, AFTER allegations that the administration is trying to shush her through misinformation.

This came after the revelation from the website of We Are Collective purporting to be a leak regarding certain anomalies in her hometown during the Robredos reign in the region.

Netizens are eager to hear from VP Robredo’s explanations regarding the allegations from the so-called leaks. Recently, reports received a word from the Vice President. But this reply fell short of the netizens’ expectation of “reply”.

Instead, she even claimed that the “leaks” are intended to silence her.

“Iyong paglabas ng kahit na anong leaks [na] iyan, ito ay attempt para i-silence tayo,” Robredo said Saturday.

Malacañang, on the other hand, commented that nobody is silencing VP Robredo.

“Nobody is attempting to silence the Vice President to voice her opinion on issues close to her heart,” Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto C. Abella said in a statement released on Sunday

While netizens commenting on the same issue raised by the Vice President had other views in their minds and alleged that indeed nobody is trying to silence her, instead, they are in fact encouraging her to explain the said “leaks”.

“As the highest elected national leader from the ranks of the Liberal Party, it is VP Robredo’s duty to fiscalize the administration in power. A healthy opposition plays an important role for the Philippines to be a vibrant bastion of democracy,” he added.

Abella also said that the government has more important matters to do than to plot anti-Robredo efforts.

“On the question whether the Palace is involved in anti-Robredo efforts, the President and the members of his Cabinet have more pressing matters to attend to than engaging in politicking,” he said.