Disney Develops Room With Wireless Charging System

Disney builds room with wireless charging system

Disney is on its way to creating wireless power source that could charge your mobile phone, or any gadget without the need for wires and traditional outlet.

Known as “Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer,” the research aims to use wireless power transmission technology to run gadgets and appliances.

Disney researchers have built a prototype living room with structures that could distribute power without the risk of any serious health issues associated with radiative transfer.

Aluminum panels were used for the ceiling, floors, and walls. A large copper pole, which contains at least fifteen capacitors, was placed in the center of the room. According to researchers, these capacitors are responsible for setting the electromagnetic frequency of the structure and for finding the electric fields.

The capacitors can produce at least 1900 watts of power without causing any serious health issues, reports said.

The research may look promising, but there are still limitations to Disney’s prototype wireless charger. Since the human body can only absorb as much as 1900 watts of energy, researchers are still studying the limit of power that can be disseminated into the room to avoid health hazards. Secondly, users should keep a distance of at least 46 centimeters from the copper pole to ensure safety.

According to Disney researchers, they are considering using “conductive paint” or “modular panels” in the future to improve wireless transfer whilst ensuring the safety of users.

Research is still ongoing, but Disney researchers remain positive that it would pave the way to a more modern and sophisticated, wireless charging system in the future. This could eliminate the need for traditional outlet, usb charging cables, or charging pads. What’s more interesting is that it can be scaled down to the size of a toy box or up to the size of a warehouse.