Amazon Makes Its First Delivery by Drone

Santa’s reindeer might have some major competition this Christmas.

Amazon sent a package flying to a customer in the U.K.

through its brand new Prime Air delivery program on Dec. 7.

The drone delivered an Amazon Fire TV box and a bag of popcorn in about 13 minutes.

The company said it plans to ramp up drone tests in coming weeks first in rural areas, then in suburbs and cities if all goes well.

The goal to get small packages to customers within designated areas in 30 minutes or less for no extra charge.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos first proposed the idea in Dec. 2013.

It has taken three years of tackling safety issues and regulatory obstacles for the program to finally – literally – take off.

However, their use will be limited.

The drone deliveries will only take place in the daytime, if weather permits.