Airbnb Provided Free Housing to the 100+ People Displaced by the Travel Ban

President Donald Trump’s recent executive order that enforced the travel and refuge ban affected one hundred and twenty-two people throughout the world, leaving all of them temporarily displaced. Thanks to Airbnb, these people found free housing when they needed it the most. The company made this announcement last week. 5,300 people volunteered to provide free accommodation to these people as well as refugees. The company added that most of these people are not actually Airbnb hosts before until now.

It has been two weeks after Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO, tweeted that the company would provide free housing to detainees and refugees, much to the delight of the international community and the media. They even ran a Super Bowl ad with the hashtag #WeAccept spreading the message, “The world is a better place when all of us belong.”

There was a Yemeni refuge among these 122 Airbnb guests who found no place to go in Denver. Others included was a displaced Yemeni family who found a place to stay in El Sobrante, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay area. Since 2013, Airbnb made an effort to offer free places to people caught in the midst of a crisis. As of the moment, Airbnb hosts throughout the world can volunteer their homes and the company will connect them to displaced individuals who need their help. In one of their most recent efforts, the company set up a page to help people at risk of flooding in Oroville, California. One host has signed up for this cause.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed news reported in January that more than 3,000 nights of free accommodation have been provided to relief workers by the company and made a donation of $1,000,000 to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Aside from the free housing, Airbnb also urges the hosts to “offer warm meals” to refugees and their families, an expansion they are planning in 2017.